I’m thrilled that you want to get into contact with me, but I do want to make some quick statements before you do:

1.) I am a professional artist. As such, I expect to be paid a fair amount for my work. What that amount is can be negotiated based on your budget or for trade. Please do not contact me for anything that pays in “exposure”. The work that I choose to do for free is few and far between. Charity gigs are exceptions to the rule.

2.) I will not work on anything racist, violent for the sake of violence, or pornographic. Nudity, sex, and violence are themes that can be handled tastefully, but if that’s not what you’re looking for, I am probably not the artist for you.

3.) I require a┬ácontract for all work, and I do expect a percentage of the payment up front. If we talk, and you want to work from me, expect an e-mail with a contract that needs to be a signed and a paypal request for a down payment. I don’t start work until I get the down payment, and you won’t get your print ready, high-res files until the rest of my payment has been received.

If you’re good with all of these caveats, then please, contact away! I look forward to hearing from you and working with you going forward!

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